Original Art by Thomason Arts

Collection: Original Art by Thomason Arts

Thomason Arts started their family business over 10 years ago. Mark and Nicole are Catholic professional artists, live in Denver, CO with their five boys, are lovers of beauty, creatively improve their home with DIY projects, desire to be more self-sustaining, plant vegetables in the Spring, enjoy good meals, support and buy local, have chickens and above all love God for His blessings. Mark is a MS theology/history teacher and  Nicole is a K-8 art teacher. They both have a BFA in art and an MA in theology from Franciscan University.

Featured Collection for 2023 includes:

Original paintings of the Hearts of the Holy Family by Thomason Arts, Mark and Nicole Thomason. They collaborated on painting the Hearts of the Holy Family together with oil paint on skulls in a contemporary expressive style incorporating traditional imagery of the hearts.

St Joan of Arc (in The Retro)

St Benedict (in The Retro)

St George (in The Retro)

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